Swap Out or Trade In

Does your laser tag equipment constantly break down?
Are repairs tedious and time consuming?
Is your laser tag system costing you more than you are making?

Well, you are not alone. There are countless operators around the world who are fed up with their current laser tag system and just want out! If you are one of these people, we have a deal for you 

Call us for a price quote and see how easy it is to discard your old system for a new, profitable, Nexus laser tag system. We offer trade-in credits for your old equipment, and even will discard of the equipment for you. You will be shocked at just how affordable it is to switch to a new Nexus laser tag system. 

Here are some Family Entertainment Centers that have swapped to our Rift Blaster System


Fun America Swap

Wildwood Highlands swapout

Hickory Dickory Dock Swapout

Nomad's Adventure Swapout

Austin's Park Swapout


We've also swapped out a number of skating facilities such as the ones below.

United Skates Swapout

Endru Swapout

Skate 'n Fun Swapout

Allskate Swapout


Bowling facilities across the country are swapping out inferior laser tag systems for the Rift Blaster System. 

Ariway Swapout

Brunzwick Zone Lonetree Swapout

Brunswick Zone Feasterville Swapout

Royal Pin Swapout

For more information about upgrading your equipment to a new Rift Blaster system, please call 866-966-3797 or Contact Us OnlineUnlike your current system, we will provide you with industry leading support. We at Zone are determined to provide you with a profitable, and hassle free, laser tag system. Please give us a call and let us work with you.


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