Rift PackRIFT Blaster was Zone's best-selling laser tag product, designed with price in mind. But that didn't mean that we compromised on features.

RIFT came with a large selection of customizable games, real-time scoreboard, simple and easy to use interface and much more!

The RIFT laser tag system had a variety of features that help it stand out from the competitors, some of these features are:

Green Lasers - standard!

RIFT Blasters utilized a green laser with a wide spectrum easy view as standard.  Most companies cannot offer this and a few charge extra.  We provide it at no additional cost. The Phaser Features page displays other amazing aspects of the Rift phaser.

"Happy Birthday" song for your special guest

Birthday parties can be 50-80% of your business for laser tag and what better way to celebrate than by having the laser tag pack sing "Happy Birthday" to the guest of honor. Click here to see other software features.

Reinforced Cable Stitching

Provides additional support for the ribbon cables that connect the circuit boards on the pack.

Breathable Mesh Vest

The vest is constructed from breathable trampoline material that is comfortable to players, and is resistant to odors and stains.

Sensors Encased in Polycarbonate Plastics

The 6 sensors are located with 2 on the front, 2 on the shoulders, back, and the phaser itself which are designed to be nearly indestructible.

Front Clips and Adjustable Side Straps

The RIFT blaster vest was designed to be put on like a rain coat, allowing small children as well as larger players to suit up without difficulty. The side straps can also be adjusted to fit players of all body types.

1 Year Bumper to Bumper Warranty

Our equipment is backed by the industry’s best warranty. How can we offer the best NO HASSLE warranty? – Reliability and Durability built on 20 years of constant refinement, our in house R&D have worked tirelessly to reduce ongoing costs for operators which have become so low that we have extended the lifespan of the laser tag attraction beyond industry norm's.

Rift PlayerDurable Phaser Cable

Reinforced cable mount that can stand up to the wear and tear of being used everyday.  These are not the old RJ-45 cables that belong on yesterday's technology!  We bring cutting edge and functionality by using high-volume robotic cables featuring high cycle flex life and an oil resistant outer jacket.

2 or 3 Team Set Up

RIFT can be either a 2 or 3 team set up consisting of blue, green and red packs. The number of teams is decided while purchasing your system.

Back Board Vest Recharge Port

This easy to access port on the back board can keep the RIFT blaster vests running 24 hours on a six-hour charge.

Wireless PC Control

RIFT blaster has the wireless PC components that transmit game data safely on the back of the vest, encased in a clear polycarbonate shell.

Combined weight of 5.4 pounds

The vest is lightweight and can be used by younger children which opens up more birthday parties and revenue potentials for your facility.

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