Zone Laser Tag pioneered the advent that laser tag arena's should be 2-levels where possible based on our 20+ years of franchise experience.  While we no longer franchise, we still see how two-level arenas outlast and outperform single level arenas by a margin of nearly 2:1.  Dual level arenas have a lower closure rate and a higher income rate than single level laser tag attractions.


Most two-level structures are now made out of steel due to the changes in national building codes though some

are still constructed from wood.  Steel structures will cost more upfront but will allow you to meet code requirements in most cases.  Steel structures may also be depreciated as well as reused if you ever need to move the structure.

Our laser tag mezzanines are designed to enhance the Zone Laser Tag experience.  Not all laser tag plays the same and the Zone level of experience has been tested for overv 25 years as we grew into the largest laser tag provider in the world.  We will look at the mezzanine structure for playability, safety, durability and ruggedness.  We are extremely focused on creating an amazing game experience to maximize repeat play and increase profits.


The ability to move up and down the play structure without players colliding is at the top of our minds when designing the two-level play structure.  Further, we also know that fire codes will dictate a certain width for egress in case of an emergency.  The ramps have to be solid enough to support the weight and muliple impacts of players moving quickly over the years.  Our arenas are designed to last 20+ years or more.


Zone Laser Tag has a simple game concept that most other manufacturers simply do not understand.  "If it is blinking, blast it!".  All of our products are designed with superbright LED's and sensors near those LED's.  We want players to intuitively know where to tag the opponents.  Mesh railings work best for an enhanced game play.  The steel mesh is run on the sides of the ramps as well as the top platform.  Some arena companies will save the cost of doing steel mesh by placing sheets of plywood with no blast holes or tag holes.  This creates a negative game experience and decreases repeat play.  Our goal is to ensure that your long term success is beneficial for both you and us.  Mesh rails help achieve higher grossing sales if you are installing a steel arena.


The American with Disabilities Act affects all new construction and renovations that occur in the United States.  As the largest laser tag supplier in the USA, we are well versed in how ADA afects laser tag.  In fact, we did the research that is now the industry standard practice that all laser tag companies and arena providers utilize in drafting two-level play structures.  Allow us to help your arena comply with some of the strictest regulations in the United States and save your company tens of thousands in unneccessary expenses.


Please contact Erik Guthrie at 866-966-3797 or direct at 317-965-9482 with any questions about mezzanines for your laser tag investment.  You can also send an email to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. .


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